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Witamy we wtorek, 22 stycznia 2019
ofertowe RPO WP
ul.12-go Października 20B ,39-400 Tarnobrzeg
tel 015-823-48-84 tel.fax 015-823-58-72
The concrete which is required to production of concrete is provided by OŻARÓW S.A.
Cementownia Ożarów

Aggregates required to the production of concrete are provided by KRUSZGEO S.A.

Formulas of concrete and construction chemistry is provided by MC-BAUCHEMIE.

Welcome on a website of Multiply Enterprise "Transdźwig" and we invite to familiarize with our offer. Multiply Enterprise "Transdźwig" is a Tarnobrzeg's enterprise which exists and it provides a wide range of services for over fifteen years.

Machine-transport park, and the enterprise's enterprise is located in Miechocin district.

We specialise in transport, crane services, we provide earth works with a use of excavator, loading machine.

We produce goods concrete which fulfils the new PN-EN 206-1 norm, we have three concrete's centres with a productivity of 150m3/h.

The concrete of our enterprise was used to all major investments which are being made in our area, it is proved in our references.

We sale and produce pavement slabs. There are new and used pavement slabs in our offer.


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